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Sailing Cruise! Tall Ship Windy!

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You can embark on a sailing cruise that will leave an unforgettable experience for children and adults.
In addition to relaxing under the sails, you will receive new vivid impressions that will be remembered for a long time. The prepared educational and entertaining programs are ideally combined with fascinating transitions under sail. You will have a good rest, learn a lot of new things, improve your health, thanks to the beneficial expression of fresh air and water. The cruise passes next to the popular tourist spots that can be seen from the deck of the ship.

The sea is the cradle of civilization. The program offers an excellent combination of sailing with an informative excursion into history. Historical and cultural cruise along the coast is in great demand among tourists.

You will plunge into another world, completely unlike standard hotel restaurants. Each trip is unique, and a true traveler must try his hand at sea. To get to know or reinforce the skills acquired at a yacht school, sailing on a real sail cruise ship can be an invaluable lesson.

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