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Atlanta Air Experts. Cleaning and maintenance of ventilation.

145 USD99 USD°  –31%

Licensed service to clean the air duct, stove, fireplace, and ventilation ducts so that they can work efficiently. Cleaning internal and external ventilation ducts and openings, an inspection of the stove or fireplace.
The discount is available for household use only.

Atlanta Air Experts clean all air ducts in homes with professional negative air HEPA machines and special mixing tools. Under close scrutiny, the team’s foremen ensure that the ducts are thoroughly cleaned, removing dust and debris using patented equipment. After cleaning, technicians examine their work using duct chambers to look for any problems, leftover dirt, or deformed sandwiches. After cleaning the air ducts, we will set up the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Technicians also offer microbial growth control services, air and mold testing, and HVAC decontamination services and products. Atlanta Air Experts also offers complete heating and air service.

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