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Eyelash extensions - Deka Lash Studio - Chamblee

180 USD69 USD°  –61%

Eyelash extension services are provided only by the best masters in the field of beauty, Only a professional can give an image a dramatic look, create the effect of a cat or doll look and emphasize the eyes.

Fresh and naturally full look that was designed to fit any lifestyle
Thanks to the new technology of eyelash extensions, a complete TrueXpress ™ kit runs twice as fast as traditional lashes.

With a variety of TrueVolume ™ allows for more customization of fullness, length, and curl. Application time for the complete TrueVolume ™ kit is 90 minutes.

New clients will receive 50% of their first session if they register for membership on the day of their first visit to the beauty salon.

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