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Tour of the history of African-American baseball / Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

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Our museum is dedicated to preserving the great history of African- American baseball.

The last 25 years of the Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball seeks to preserve the rich history of African-American baseball players for generations to come. The museum has gradually expanded over the years. Our Collection boasts unique exhibits and artifacts, each dedicated to great players and the best moments of the era.

Over 10,000 square feet of space filled with exhibits and multimedia materials, as well as a variety of stands and photographs. Each of them tells an exciting story. 10 full-size bronze sculptures of the League’s great blacks, including Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Satchel Paige, and more. The finest exhibits and collection of galleries, divided into eras, ranging from the founding of the League in 1920 to the great players of our time.

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