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Exciting room / Escape Game / Escape House Kansas City

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Stop the enemy team from destroying the dam, or find evidence to justify the innocent and expose the conspirators in exciting room escape games.

Available rooms:
- Flood The City
(The local dam is mined and the teams must defuse the bomb before time runs out.)
- The Detective’s Office
(The police detained four suspects. Each of them is charged with the same murder. A team of detectives must sort out this case. Find out who ordered this crime and why the customer went missing. Teams must uncover all the secrets to get evidence. Untangle all the knots and find the culprit.)
- Nana’s Condo
(.Nana only after the death of her husband found out that he was very rich. She now lives in a nursing home, but suspects that someone with whom her husband did business was trying to steal her inheritance. She hid the will in her old condo with riddles and traps and sent you to find it. Hurry up before it’s too late.)

The average length of the game: 1 hour

Escape House Kansas City invites guests to jump into the game by choosing one of three exciting scenarios. Trapped in their themed room, visitors will have to use their wits to escape. Teams of up to eight players work together to solve riddles, uncover secrets to complete the quest.

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