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Flight lessons AeroDynamic Aviation

420 USD179 USD°  –57%

Each Flight lesson include an hour of in-air flight instruction that counts toward FAA pilot-license requirements!

Flight lessons includes:

- One hour of ground instruction
- One hour of in-air flight instruction
- One-hour flight fee in a two-seat airplane
- AeroDynamic Aviation membership
- Headset rental
- Mini logbook
- AOPA membership
- Six-month subscription to Flight Training magazine
- Complimentary Learn to Fly booklet

All time in the air will be counted in accordance with FAA pilot license requirements. With prior notice, passengers can also take part in flights for USD 20 per person. The restrictions must meet the weight requirements for each aircraft.

Founded in 1960, AeroDynamic Aviation has gained vast experience in piloting all types of vehicles and has taught many pilots who take to the air every day.
During lessons led by experienced instructors, students learn how to become a pilot, perform preflight inspection and maneuver during takeoff, climb and level flight, eventually progressing to advanced techniques such as tight turns and other aerobatics.

In many flight schools, the fleet is limited to one or two Cessna aircraft. AeroDynamic Aviation offers the opportunity to fly Aeronca Champs, Cessna 170, Cessa 172, SportStars, as well as complex and even twin-engine aircraft.

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