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Mini Golf Courses - Putter’s Pride

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Waterfalls and tiny towns, winding canals, and mini lakes for mini-golf courses with holes with windmills, dragons, rocky outcrops.

Some outdoor activities are more suitable for family activities on a smaller scale. Mini-golf is one of them. It is great fun for all family members.

Putter’s Pride evokes an atmosphere of adventure and fun as guests traverse its three 18-hole mini-golf courses. There are tiny blooming gardens, sands, or quirky obstacles that will capture the imagination of even sophisticated golfers.

The game will start from a fancy toilet seat to a pink windmill and purple dragon. The unusual design of the holes leaves young golfers wondering how to deal with opponents during a round that takes about 45 minutes.

There are numerous streams whose path runs along multi-level stone waterfalls and lakes in which fish splash. Colorful flowers overflow from wooden flower boxes, and farm animals look out from the pink barn to judge the battles of our guests.

The whimsical decor makes the fun bright and unforgettable. At birthday parties where guests can grab their own snacks and cakes at colorful picnic tables before heading to the golf course.

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