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Ribs & Chicken with oak smoke, sauce & secret spice blends

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Brothers BBQ - Barbecue joint with 30+ years’ grilling experience infuses.

The Kansas-style pork ribs and half chicken at Brothers Barbeque draw on authentic recipes and over 30 years of experience to give every piece of meat a mild flavor and smoky aroma. Chefs spread Farmer John’s pork ribs with a mixture of spices more secret than the Pentagon secrets, Area 51 secrets, and all of the president’s instructions put together.

The best steaks in California. Hand-chopped minced beef is carefully processed before filling the sandwich rolls. Favorite Southern dishes including potato salad and baked beans complete the Brothers Barbeque menu.

All menu items can be delivered home sealed with dry ice. The Brothers BBQ team also caters to small parties and large events and festivals.

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