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Pamper your hands and feet with a manicure

60 USD45 USD°  –25%

Technicians of Hiatus Spa + Retreat pamper the client’s hands and feet with a manicure. Our best masters pedicure can give your nails a new, healthy look.

What’s included in
“One and Only” manicure and pedicure:
- classic polish
- buff
- shine

“Epic“ pedicure:
- Hand-crafted polish
- Exfoliation
- Deep hydration
- Foot massage with hot stones
- Amenities: zero-gravity chairs

All of our customers benefit from high-quality products and equipment. Massages include specially selected aromatherapy oils, plant-based peels provide thorough exfoliation with minimal or no irritation, and pedicure without any restrictions. gravity chairs with heated neck wraps.

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