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Signature series of sensual pole dancing classes

60 USD25 USD58% OFF

The best instructors develop in their students a sense of rhythm, plasticity, community, and achievement. Sensual dance numbers are taught in our studio.
We like to look at how women get in touch with the feminine side. Today she is sexy, flirtatious, and cheerful, tomorrow sensitive and daring, the day after tomorrow weak and meek. This experience allows you to value your body more and gain more confidence. Feel what kind of woman you want to be.

  • 25 USD for a pole-dance starter kit

  • 89 USD for a sexy special-occasion bundle

  • 155 USD for a pole- or lap-dance party for up to 10

The pole-dance starter kit includes a
- 90-minute Pole-ah-Tease teaser class, which teaches women
- movements drawn from burlesque
- belly dancing
- ballroom.

Ladies can also tone their bodies during 45-minute:
- Candlelight Delight class
- Feminine Flexibility class
- Happy Dance class
- Sexy Core Workout classes (Must be 16 or older)

We in Express MiE believes that all women are beautiful, sexy, and worthy, and their sensual pole classes operate with this driving purpose in mind. All classes are designed to make women feel confident in their femininity, while the welcoming studio atmosphere provides support and encouragement.

Express MiE believes that all women are beautiful, sexy, and worthy of respect. These sensual pole exercises focus on this drive for self-expression. Paul Dance lessons are designed to make women feel confident and comfortable in their femininity, while a welcoming, friendly atmosphere provides support and encouragement.

Each of the sultry Express MiE lessons ends with a guided meditation. The studio prioritizes the search for inner beauty, inner harmony, and balance of feelings, rather than the study of dizzying pole tricks.

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