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Introductory Flight Lesson for Beginner Pilots

592 USD178 USD°  –69%

What’s included:
- One-hour aircraft rental
- Instructor time
- Headset rental
- Instructional DVD
- Poster
- Logbook
- Pilot Information kit.
- Access to aviation-facility library.

Being free and flying like a bird while the average person spends thousands of hours in traffic or in a stuffy office throughout their lives. Learn To Fly instructors San Diego prefers to hover between the clouds at this time. Each member of a certified flight crew maintains a record of their time in the air between 1,500 and 36,000 hours.
Students can also work with Learn To Fly San Diego to prepare for certification in occupations such as:
- pilot.
- commercial pilot
- certified flight instructor

* Families and friends are not allowed to accompany and observe the flights.

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