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Crossfit Love instructors will create functional workouts

140 USD27 USD°  –80%

We create functional workouts to suit students of all levels:
- balls
- barbells
- ropes
- ull-up bars

Good for beginners: Yes

Choose from Three Options of CrossFit classes:
$21.60 for 10 classes ($140 value)
$32.40 for one month of unlimited ($175 value)
$55.20 for two months of unlimited ($350 value)

- Dumbells, plyometrics, high intensity, cardio and jump ropes, and etc
Students should bring:
- Water, towel, flat shoes
Average class length:
- 60 minutes
Number of Staff:
- up to 5 people
Class location:
- Mix of indoor and outdoor classes
Pro Tip:
- Come in with a positive attitude, and be ready to try something new and challenging.

Registration required: Yes
Guests allowed: Yes
Parking: Parking lot

A beautiful, toned body is a difficult and painstaking task. People often give up their fitness activities for a lack of instant results. We try to keep our clients motivated and set them up to work hard for a long time and get the desired result.
We help our clients set realistic goals related to the skills acquired and applied in the classroom. These skills develop slowly, but in return represent measurable results. Every day you get better, stronger and faster without getting stuck on the numbers on the scale. Having small goals will make the process of achieving your goal smoother and more sustainable, and losing weight a lot more fun.

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