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One Month of Weekly Gymnastics Classes

111 USD55 USD°  –50%

Gymnastics instructors teach children, from the appropriate age, skills that develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, in addition to confidence, mental toughness and determination.

ASI Gymnastics helps children from an early age develop their body and passion for sports through gymnastics. Improving the physical foundations: strength, endurance, balance and coordination and spatial orientation for children from 12 months to 18 years old. Instructors use gymnastics exercises to strengthen muscle tone, flexibility, and mental growth along with physical development. Appropriate programs for each age group begin with an introduction to fundamental techniques for stretching and joint development, and then progress to more advanced exercises.

ASI Gymnastics also caters to different levels of interest by providing highly targeted workouts as well as the usual kids’ parties and birthday parties with trampolines and games.

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