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Columbus Axe Throwing

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Well-trained staff help visitors learn how to throw an ax like a real Viking.

Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, participants learn to throw an ax at a wooden target.
- The participant must be over 12 years old and must participate with the signature of a parent/guardian.
- Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the center.
- Shoes with closed toes must be worn.
- Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.
- No outside drinks are permitted.

Columbus Axe Throwing

Visitors to the Columbus Ax Throwing connect with their inner Viking as they learn to throw a 1.5-pound melee weapon. A piece of rotting wood and metal flies towards the target. Whether alone or in a group, participants work with trained craftsmen to master the art, skill, and delight of hitting the bulls-eye. After several trials, the time will come for a confrontation, in which the participants compete in a group duel, which will end with the victory of one of the teams. And the best player will receive the title of a glorious warrior and master of ax throwing.

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