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Removing stains and dirt - Carpet Service Express

120 USD40 USD°  –66%

Stains and dirt are removed using modern cleaning methods, which include pre-spraying a high-quality detergent, rinsing with hot water, and deodorizing. You will forget about the old stains and smells.

Service radius:
- 25 miles of downtown Fort Worth

Carpet Cleaning additional service:
- Light furniture moving
- Steam cleaning
- Eco-friendly products

A professional carpet cleaner does things that you cannot. It won’t take much time and the price will be reasonable.

In the process of professional cleaning of carpets of the Carpet Service Express company, along with modern equipment, the best chemicals are used. All contaminated areas are pre-treated with a strong detergent. Then such places are rinsed with hot water from a vacuum system. Finally, a deodorant is applied for optimal drying and scent. In addition to carpets, the team cleans upholstery and tough pet stains and offers flood-damaged carpets.

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