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Sculpt-pod sessions can help tone the body

119 USD49 USD°  –58%

Sculpt-pod sessions can help speed up metabolism, and tighten the skin using infrared energy and pleasant vibration massage.

Younger than 18 must:
- be accompanied by a guardian
- have a guardian-signed waiver
Weight restrictions:
- 300 lbs. max weight

* no metals allowed (Titanium implants approved)

The patented Sculpt Pod uses infrared heat, LED light, skin-tightening cream, massage, and vibration to slim, tone, and tighten the body. Potential benefits may include:

Patented Sculpt Pod capsule uses:
- infrared radiation
- LED backlight
- skin tightening cream
- massage and vibration for weight loss

The Sculpt Pod Promotes:
- weight loss
- reduction of fat
- reduction of the appearance of cellulite
- the appearance of scar tissue
- increase in collagen production
- improving metabolism
- lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
- reducing the appearance of varicose veins, blood clots and spider veins
- relieving stress and fatigue
- relief of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
- relief of discomfort associated with swelling
- relief of symptoms of neuropathy

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