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Pole fitness and dance, Pole Body and Arts

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Pole dance classes give you a new and spectacular way to get in shape! You burn hundreds of calories and stress away, have a blast and aesthetic pleasure!

Pole Dance Class for Beginners
A one-hour introductory session introduces you to the art of pole dance. This class does not require special levels of training! Offer is for informational purposes only and does not apply to other activities, parties, or events.

- Dance Class
- Ballet,
- Jazz,
- Contemporary
- Mobility Flow

All classes are conducted by an experienced master instructor who will show you how to relax your body and dance your stress away!

Pole Body & Arts is a pole dance and fitness studio with trained instructors. We provide classes for people of any body types and ages in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. With us you can strengthen your strength, gain self-confidence, experience the transformation of your body and inner world.

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