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Keep your Garage Door running smoothly

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Awards Garage Door maintenance package we will keep your Garage Door running smoothly for a long time.

What’s included:
- Lubricating all moving parts on your Garage Door,
- Inspect your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener.

Description of service:
- We will inspect the Garage Door Opener belt/chain tension.
- We will inspect all hinges on the Garage Door (all rollers, cables, end bearing, center bearing, and springs).
- We will lubricate all moving parts on your Garage Door.

Awards Garage Door is a reliable company providing a wide range of services for the repair, maintenance, sale, and installation of garage doors. Experience matters the most when it comes to choosing your next garage door mechanism. We have earned a good name, our craftsmen are respected in the industry.

Visit us for service or book online for this service.

Awards Garage Door Service area:
within 35 miles of 28227

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