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Delicious American and Mexican cuisine

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Delicious American and Mexican cuisine

Signature tacos and breakfast all day!
A family-run restaurant serving the most delicious American and Mexican cuisine.
Type of food:
- American
- Mexican

This is the tradition of Mexican cuisine combined with American flavors.
Ani Joe’s Karaoke Kafe is the name of perhaps the most popular regional cuisine in the States.
It combines classic Mexican products with products and recipes from the Southwest of the United States.

Here you can try both classic Texas-Mexican cuisine: burritos, nachos, fajitas, as well as purely American hot dogs, burgers and American pizza, remade by Italian immigrants in an American way.

The main ingredients of this cuisine are corn, legumes, and of course meat. Hot jalapeno peppers give a real flavor to dishes in Mexican cuisine
and red chili.

Most of the meat dishes in our Ani Joe’s Karaoke Kafe are cooked over an open fire
in the Spanish oven "Josper".

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