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Professional Shoe Repair

20 USD11 USD°  –45%

Beacon Hill Shoe Repairers extend the life of a shoe by replacing and repairing the heel and outsole, and can also fix handbag tears and broken zippers and fasteners.

$11 for any shoe, boot, or handbag repair

Much time has passed since the opening of Beacon Hill Shoe Repair in 1927. Epochs have passed, fashion, styles, and heights of heels have changed, materials, technologies for creating shoes have changed too. As before, the store employees remained true to their mission - to save customers from having to part with their favorite pair of stiletto heels.

In addition to repairing or completely replacing broken heels and worn outsole, Beacon Hill Shoe Repair professionals can extend the life of a pair of shoes for the next several seasons. Care, cleaning, and waterproofing of the soles and surfaces will make your shoes functional again.

We will repair your favorite suitcase, bags and other accessories that also require care. Broken zippers can be repaired or replaced here; torn straps and buckles.

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