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Individual filter for Instagram or Facebook

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Create your own unique filter for Instagram and Facebook.

Users of social networks can not only apply ready-made filters, but also create their own virtual effects with augmented reality, in the form of unusual colors, shapes, inscriptions, and so on. These masks can be applied to attract new subscribers and make your account more memorable, varied and interesting.

Creating a filter can be difficult, but it all depends on the user’s idea. If you want to do something simple, you can create multiple 2D effects quickly and effortlessly.

Professional basic filter. Retouching, Environmental Effects, Lightroom Settings, Color Filters, Face Effects (with 2D objects).

We’ll create the filter the way you want it, but here are some inspiration:
- non-standard accessories (caps, glasses)
- backgrounds
- color filter
- makeup filter
- face morphing
- change eye color
- Lightroom setting

Modify or run effects with ...
- tap the screen
- they blink their eyes
- eyebrows down
- raised eyebrows
- a bow
- head rotation
- shake your head
- left eye closed
- the right eye is closed
- mouth is open
- Smile

Your ideas are endless!

Are you ready to impress your friends or extend your reach with your own Facebook and Instagram filter? Then place your order now and our team will be happy to create a unique filter for you.

We create filters and augmented reality applications that deliver explosive results.

Please contact us before placing your order to find out if it is possible to implement your idea on Social Media Filter.
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18% OFF • Individual filter for Instagram or Facebook

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