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Individual Tattoo Design

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Small tattoo size / Simple design with 1-2 elements / Basic lining / colored Sketch.

For many, a tattoo is a reflection of their own individuality and a reflection of their inner world. Of course, it is impossible to achieve uniqueness by choosing a pattern from a catalog on the Internet or in a studio. There is always a risk that you will meet someone who has exactly the same tattoo. Masters do not always offer to make a sketch to order. Here you can order the development of an individual sketch, taking into account all your wishes and requirements.

All designs are individual and unique, digitally made on the iPad with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and pencil. These are completely hand drawn designs, they are completely individual. So there will be no other design like yours.

The procedure for developing a tattoo design

To draw a tattoo professionally, the artist needs to receive the following information from you:

1. You find a photo you like, say on the Internet. Indicate the place of application, format, preferred color range, contrast and all the nuances necessary to make a high-quality sketch.

2. The artist, in turn, explains and highlights the features of your anatomy, whether the future sketch will look good on this particular part of the body, whether it is worth changing or supplementing the sketch itself by reducing or enlarging the format.

3. Many masters still prefer to sell standard sketches that have already been made more than a hundred times. If you know that the master works either only according to his own sketches, or is an artist who can convey and express your desires in a drawing and develop a sketch from scratch, you are incredibly lucky. Your task is to fully explain your desires to the master and wait for him to draw your sketch. Of course, the drawing can be corrected, supplemented or changed in some details.

4. The development of a sketch for the cover-up or correction of an old tattoo is the most responsible and difficult option to develop a sketch, in which all the nuances and details should be taken into account. There can be no errors here, because if the sketch is selected incorrectly, the old tattoo may be distorted by the new one. It is better to entrust this work and drawing up a sketch to an experienced craftsman who specializes in just such cases.

5. It is worth noting that not all masters, in principle, undertake the correction of old tattoos. Their correction has many nuances. The limited scope for creativity makes such work unattractive for many artists. High-quality proofreading and drafting for CoverUP is the ultimate acrobatics for an artist and tattoo artist.

6. The most difficult and at the same time the simplest case - when you do not know what you really want and where. The most important thing is the desire.

Dimensions. Remember that the price does not depend on the size, so you don’t have to try to save by measuring your sketch with a ruler. The cost is charged for the working time, all professional salons adhere to this principle.

You will receive a high resolution 300 dpi PNG or JPG file that includes the design and an example of what it will look like on the skin.

We can provide all kinds of tattoos such as single line, minimalist, portrait, flower, animal, geometric and more.

When the pattern is ready, the wizard will ask you to evaluate it in order to make corrections and corrections to get the perfect result. Once your work is approved, you can start transferring it directly to your skin!

We will create a unique, custom tattoo design and sleeve tattoo. If you need someone who will quickly diversify your imagination with TATTOO DESIGN, we can assure you that you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee full satisfaction with the final project.

The package includes:
• Original design as a JPEG file.
• All tattoos are hand drawn.
• Black and white sketch only.
• Additional extras include tweaks, shading, and more!

Please contact us before placing an order to determine the final cost of the concept and to make sure that we are ready to implement your individual project.
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28% OFF • Individual Tattoo Design

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