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Biology lessons via Skype (online)

35 USD25 USD28% OFF
The MSc in Molecular Biology will provide online biology lessons for elementary and middle school children.
Exam preparation. Classes are aimed at improving the child’s grade for the year or to prepare for cards and tests.

• many years of teaching experience
• individual approach
• comfort

I will create an individualized study program so that you can pass the final exam. I want each lesson to be tailored to the student’s individual pace and fill in the blanks or expand their knowledge as they progress through the material.

Comfort and contact with the student are very important to me. A friendly environment will facilitate our cooperation and bring results faster than excessive workload and stress. I provide a lot of additional materials. I am well aware of the current requirements of the examination board and will be able to design the curriculum so that classes are easy and effective.

Feel free to contact me!
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28% OFF • Biology lessons via Skype (online)

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