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Preschool Education - Individual Work with a Child

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Preschool education - Individual work with a child

Properly organized upbringing and education of a child before school is the key to the development of his thinking, memory, attention, imagination, speech and physical health. Without these basic functions, it will be impossible to successfully adapt to primary school, master the curriculum for subsequent stages of education and implement it on a personal, social and professional level. Therefore, the age from birth to 6 years old plays a fundamental role in the formation of personality.

Homeschooling is a high quality education that guides your child to further education in a bilingual program. This training system is based on:

• Learning a foreign language with immersion in the language environment from the age of 4, our kindergarten students spend half a day with an English teacher who uses the Cambridge Pre-Primary methods, and the other half of the day with a teacher who uses Spanish language.

• Development of motor skills, logical, analytical thinking.
• Working with a speech therapist to maintain and / or correct speech.
• Development of the child’s sensory abilities.
• Create a supportive emotional foundation for successful adaptation to school.

Only comfortable conditions for the child, creating the most favorable conditions for all-round development.

• Individual approach
• Preparing hands for writing, Basics of reading and writing.
• English.
• Development of logic and thinking.
• Help in assimilating the necessary material, preparing for tests, catching up and helping with homework.
• Fundamentals of mathematics.
• Basics of painting, choreography and music.
• Preparation for independent work.
• Basics of knowledge of the surrounding world.
• Adaptation of teaching methods and level for each student
• Development of the most important functions required to achieve school maturity.

The preschool education curriculum is developed in accordance with the age requirements of the current state standards and the foundations of the bilingual education system. Thanks to this, the comprehensive development of the child is ensured, not excluding an individual approach.

Together with the classes, additional classes are offered aimed at the physical and creative education of children from an early age.
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32% OFF • Preschool Education - Individual Work with a Child

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