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Drum Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Learners

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The first thing you need to decide for yourself is your educational goal: do you want to play in a group or for relaxing, learn something new or develop a sense of rhythm? Then we choose the style we want to play: rock, jazz, swing, and maybe even classical orchestral music.

Anyone can learn to play the drums.

I’ve been playing drums for 9 years.
It is very easy drumming! I have many years of teaching experience.

The first, non-binding meeting for FREE !!!
Playing drums from scratch starts with:
• getting to know the drum kit with sticks, cymbals, pads;
• correct positioning of arms and legs;
• studying rhythm, speed, style, playing techniques and drum placement;
• finding the correct position behind the drum kit.

As a rule, in the first lesson, we will learn to play the drums on our own according to the first rhythm scheme. However, do not think that if you go to the teacher, your work will only end in lessons. Studying also means working independently.
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25% OFF • Drum Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Learners

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