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2 Business Card Design Concepts

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I will design your new business card!

Bringing Value With Your Design!

A business card is the first impression of your Brand!

Are you dating someone who could potentially be a great business partner? Don’t you want him to walk away with a perfect first impression?

A memorable business card is much more than just providing an email address or phone number. A business card is a physical item with which a potential prospect leaves the meeting. Your brand stays with them.

Business cards are an essential part of a business person. Having business cards in your pocket allows you to pass them on to those interested at any time, instead of looking for a notebook or telephone to save the number. Sometimes people have very little time to fix the coordinates, and the business card will allow you to leave contacts quickly and easily.

One-sided and double-sided business cards for large corporations and private individuals.

• 2 Business Card Concepts
• 2 rounds of corrections
• Source files and files for printing

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29% OFF • 2 Business Card Design Concepts

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