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Original Character Concept

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It sounds corny, but concept art is a very important step in almost every game. This is a visual representation of your idea and direct instructions for creating game graphics. Once you have an idea of ​​what your project should look like. You can create a new mood board from the “references” that most accurately reflect the vision, and put it all together.

It’s a good idea to find a concept artist and a modeler all rolled into one. Then the discrepancy between the concept and the final illustration will be minimal. The problem is that it is very difficult to find such a person. Especially if you need him to draw and sculpt equally well and quickly. If there is a lot of content, no fashion designer can handle it - he simply cannot draw and model several dozen images at once.

A situation arises when a fashion designer and an artist are different people. It all depends on the skills of both, and to a greater extent on the skills of the modeler. For a 3D modeler with drawing skills and artistic taste, three-quarters is enough, especially for small mobile projects.

The more detailed a character is written (chest, cannon, building), the less the modeler will have to look for references and guess how the piece of armor holds on to the shoulder and does not fall off. This is equally important when texturing, because the lion’s share of details (especially in mobile projects) is provided by textures.

To save time, you can order a well-developed concept of a character in a "combat" pose - witchcraft or firing a plasma cannon. This is necessary for describing animations and effects. It can be filled with color.

I will draw an original concept character or a car according to your idea in black and white or color sketch and present all materials in digital form.

You will receive an original concept of a new character. Line art only.

There are no uniform prices for the services of artists, so you need to proceed from how long the work will take. Then everything depends on the client’s requests and the possibility of negotiations with him. More expensive is not always better, so consider the value for money.

The price is for developing the basic concept of a character or vehicle, and you will be charged additional fees to draw an additional character or vehicle, or a background is required. In addition, the deadline for its completion will begin after you agree on what to draw and all the necessary information is understood and provided. When looking for a concept artist for a small project, it is important to pay attention to whether his style fits into your game environment or not. Please contact us before placing your order.
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18% OFF • Original Character Concept

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