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Old Photo Coloring

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Everyone in the family archive has old black and white photographs of relatives. Looking at them, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how it all looked at that moment: what were the paints, colors, shades ...

We usually store our grandparents’ images as yellowed and cracked black and white photographs. They convey the atmosphere and spirit of the times, but are clearly devoid of color. Details have always played an important role, but the photographer of that time was physically unable to convey them to us.

It is no longer possible to accurately reproduce the conditions in which the photograph was taken. You can only try to manually select a color in the photo and try to imagine what the author of the photo saw at that moment. It feels like real magic and time travel.

Coloring a photo by hand is a very time-consuming process. The specialist must first study in detail the historical, cultural and geographical context of the work and select the necessary colors. The black and white photo is then hand-colored using software. Most often, ordinary Photoshop is used.

The technician needs to identify objects against a black and white background and determine an acceptable color for them, taking into account previous experience. This is followed by staining.
Rich experience in image editing allows you to color any black and white photos in just a few hours, breathe new life into old photos. Based on many years of practice and extensive knowledge, the master is able to accurately select the color for each fragment of the photograph, while maintaining the atmosphere and style of photography of a past era.

The staining stage requires a lot of computing resources and takes about 3-7 hours.
The resulting images look believable if they contain the objects present in the original image in good quality. Thanks to this, it is easier for the master to correctly identify and color them correctly.

But if your photo has fuzzy outlines, unrecognizable objects, or badly damaged, this can seriously distort the color scheme of your old black and white photographs. In computer vision, this is a serious problem associated with the difficulty of recognizing and coloring partially shown or heavily blurred objects. No one can guarantee that a new photograph will accurately reflect the real state of affairs in ancient photography.

Old black and white photos can be made in color. But you should understand that the better the original photo, the better the final result. The manual process is quite tedious, requires a certain amount of time and skills, but the result is always satisfactory.

You can try it now! To do this, it is enough to send an old photo, digitized on a scanner.

Free coloring of one black and white photo in good quality (with high details) using only automatic (software) coloring.

Great results won’t let you down!

Future generations will look at their ancestors with high-resolution color photographs.
Anyone can order coloring of historical photographs or, for example, albums with photographs of their children or parents.
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41% OFF • Old Photo Coloring

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