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Creative Email Project for Mailchimp

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A simple, responsive email design or newsletter.

We will create an attractive email design, Mailchimp newsletter template that you can use in your business.

Almost 68-75% of emails are opened using smartphones. According to subscription data, 75% of smartphone users cannot read because of an unresponsive email template that looks bad on a mobile device.

Our letter design and newsletter will be fully editable, so you can edit your newsletter at any time.

• Mailchimp Template or Newsletter
• Content, images, videos, maps, addresses, social media icons and links.
• Reusable / editable template or newsletter
• Email template for a newsletter or newsletter appropriate to the brand.

1.100% RESPONSIBILITY - Compatible with all devices and browsers.
2. Tested in Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and other widely used email services.
3. A simple, responsive email design similar to a welcome template.

Please contact us before ordering a design letter.
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23% OFF • Creative Email Project for Mailchimp

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