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HTML5 Banners

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HTML5 banner pack in 3 sizes

• 1 style (up to 1 standard image if required)

• 3 standard sizes of web banners

★ Design professional HTML5 banners with attractive and high-quality designs ★

In short, an HTML5 banner is a dynamic advertising image on a website that the user sees. But if the well-known banners are made on the basis of raster and vector graphics, then in this case html elements are used.

What is the main advantage of html5 banners?

• HTML5 banners look fresh compared to static .jpg images or even GIFs.
• Ability to embed clickable buttons in the banner: call button for call, maps, links to social networks, calendars, etc. You can integrate anything, even applications.
• Convenient if for you the code is not just a set of strange colored symbols and letters.
• A lightweight HTML5 banner. As we know, the light weight of the banner does not affect the page loading speed.
• Html5 banners are also a trend!

HTML 5 banners remain one of the most popular and effective ways to attract customers.

HTML5 ads for:
• AdWords, DCM
• DoubleClick Studio
• Adroll
• AppNexus
• Ad form
• Sizmek
or for any other network.

HTML5 banner ads ready for use on the Internet!

Please provide us information:
• List of sizes
• A short advertisement and a call to action (the text you want to use in your project)
• Branding elements (logo, color scheme and image, if any)
• Website address or company information.

A banner is an ad unit on a partner site that consists of beautifully designed text and images. It should correspond to the company’s image, and its visual part should encourage visitors to familiarize themselves with the advertised product.

• Extra size
• Additional design styles

Our work is a guarantee that the created html 5 banners will be moderated on most advertising platforms, because their technical requirements meet all advertising standards.

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