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Photo Retouching in Beauty & Fashion Style • Photo Editing

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Photo Retouching for the fashion and beauty industry!

We can professionally edit photos for a professional portfolio, publication in a fashion magazine or advertising company.

Beauty & Fashion photography is one of the most popular genres in the world of modern fashion, which tempts us with its beauty and elegance.

The Beauty genre, as a rule, emphasizes the color and ideological richness of the print, and not the unique features and individuality of the model itself. It is the "beauty" of clear water, in which the photographer and retoucher try to convey external, ostentatious attractiveness, grace of features and curves, precision and beauty of makeup lines, completeness of the image.

Fashion photography is the photographic embodiment of modern fashion ideals, an era of glamour that began as a result of the true boom in fashion in post-war Italy with endless fashion shows, popularization of advertising and the flourishing of photographic craftsmanship. It is elegance, seduction, brilliance, and sometimes even boldness of the image ...

The Fashion industry was created to emphasize and emphasize the beauty of style, clothing and accessories, and not to convey the inner state of a model.

Of course, to create high-quality photos in both styles, the photographer does a titanic job of selecting locations that will reveal and work to complete the idea of ​​photography by selecting your overall makeup style, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. By setting professional lighting in harmony with the image, selecting the angle and successfully capturing the camera at the right moment, the photographer creates the basis. As a result, creating an ideal image of the model that will subtly reflect the essence and idea of ​​the entire production ...

But at the right level of post-processing is no less important. It is like the final point in a whole gigantic process.

Editing a photo while maintaining texture is one of the most tedious tasks. This is especially true in Beauty style portraits.

Another significant issue is plastic "in moderation", which preserves and emphasizes the correct facial features. Sometimes it is also necessary to correctly cut out unnecessary objects from the photo, remove the protruding hair from the hairstyle so that it looks neat and harmonious.

Professional retouchers will deal with all this with a bang.

Developing a good photo, especially in the Beauty & Fashion style, is a matter of a few seconds. It takes hours of painstaking work in talented hands to make it perfect.

We are ready to provide you with a professional retouching service for a very nominal fee!

We love making our photos perfect. Smooth skin, bright eyes and luscious lips. For us, retouching is not only a technical photo processing, but an art!

It is also worth understanding that saving on high-quality makeup and a hairdresser or stylist at Fashion Shooting will result in the retouching fee being equal to the cost of two or those evening makeup / hairstyles. Forget about saving money while preparing for your photo.

In addition, the best editing results are obtained when the original photo is in focus and displayed at full resolution.

We offer:
• High-quality portrait: skin, eyes, hair, etc.
• Retouching the face
• Trimming, resizing
• Removal of fluttering hair
• Color / tone / contrast correction
• shaping the body
• Posture correction

If your photo needs more than one deep or structural edit, it can’t be "basic" or "standard".

The discount only applies to wholesale orders.

Please contact us before placing your order.
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32% OFF • Photo Retouching in Beauty & Fashion Style • Photo Editing

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