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3D modeling of Jewelry

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3D modeling of jewelry on request. Sculptures and 3D Renders.

Let’s do 3D modeling of a basic jewelry design. The main details of jewelry.

The service of creating a three-dimensional super-realistic image of jewelry is in demand among both professional jewelry designers and private individuals. It allows you to visually see the image conceived on paper, avoiding the time and money spent on trial production and rework.

Who is the service of making a 3D jewelry model intended for? Generally speaking, for anyone with one or more of the following goals:
1. the development of an exclusive product for personal or professional use;
2. restoring a lost or severely damaged ring, bracelet or earrings;
3. the most fruitful cooperation with the client and the quick achievement of mutual understanding in the project;
4. understanding your own desires if you are a customer of a designer jeweler;
5. perfect presentation and advertising of jewelry that is "better to see";
6. preparation of a catalog of jewelry not yet created, ordered by their sellers and producers.

The list is not exhaustive and can be extended many times depending on the specific needs of the client.

The jewelry modeling process, like all other types of creating a three-dimensional image of any object or object, is performed using highly specialized computer programs, 3d editors, for professional use.

The creation of a 3d model is carried out on the basis of a sketch of the future object, with the exact observance of all specified mathematical, color and textural parameters - weight, shape of the cut, type of precious metal, purity of the stones used, their shade and other subtleties. The basis can also be a drawing, a photo or a real prototype of the model.

Advantages of 3D jewelry modeling

Using the 3D modeling of jewelry will allow you to get the following important bonuses:
1. the ability to visually assess the potential of the model, made according to existing sketches and drawings, without spending money and time on actually making it in metal;
2. the possibility of making an unlimited number of adjustments of product parameters, including its proportions, dimensions, type of metal, types of stones, until a fully satisfactory effect is obtained;
3. specialized programs not only visually display the object, but also implement its construction, taking into account the specificity of jewelry technologies, such as the density / softness of stones and metal, the optimal depth of planting stones;
4. on the basis of one successful sample, it is possible to develop several of its subspecies, the type of series, differing only in the types of materials used;
5. the ability to calculate with absolute accuracy the amount of materials needed to make jewelry, the size of inserts, etc.;

In other words, creating a high-quality 3d model will greatly save customer money, contractor effort, and time for both.

What do you get
• 3D modeling (3D modeling of the basic design of a ring, earring, pendant, necklace)
• HD quality
• 3D image / movie rendering
• The best finish
• Better balance accuracy
• The best settings for stones
• Detailed works
• Perfection
• Ring, bracelets, personalized pendant, cufflinks, earrings etc.
• Digital sculpture
• 3D rendering
• Source file (stl, jpeg, dxf, cdr etc.)

The 3D modeling specialist performs a full cycle of work on the production of jewelry prototypes: three-dimensional model design, preparation for printing on a 3D printer or milling on a machine, as well as pre-finishing of plastic or wax parts.

Are you a jeweler, online jewelry retailer or jewelry enthusiast? This is what you need to create your jewelry in the form of a 3D model. Your 3D model can be printed on any compatible 3D printer and is also compatible with Shapeways.

Why is it beneficial?
• Unlimited modifications to your satisfaction
• Detailed, high-quality 3D jewelry design using a CAD camera.
• Always on time
• On your request
• Can be used as a prototype on your website or on social media.

Note: Prices are not final, it all depends on the design. Please contact us before placing your order.
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32% OFF • 3D modeling of Jewelry

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