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Architecture of the Garden and Courtyard Landscape

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Architecture of the Garden and Courtyard Landscape
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Design your own small garden or yard.

A site landscape design project is a comprehensive, scientifically grounded step-by-step approach to site improvement. Landscape Architecture allows you to skillfully use the features of the landscape, turn disadvantages into advantages, emphasize the individual plasticity of the sculpture, give a harmonious image of any territory and make it the most comfortable for people’s life and work.

Our specialists are engaged in the development and implementation of landscape projects for summer cottages and cottage settlements, they have experience in landscaping areas with different relief features, existing buildings, water bodies and other natural and engineering objects.

What is an Architectural Landscape Design Project?

Design is the basis of landscape design. As a result of its development, you get a complete visualization of the future place. You will understand how much you like the arrangement of buildings, compositions and elements of the landscape, as well as appreciate the colors and style of the site. If you have a project before your eyes, you can make adjustments already at this stage to avoid mistakes on the ground.

The Landscape Architecture project can be summarized as:
• Various human-modified natural objects (flower beds, hedges);
• various items of artificial origin;
• architectural structures.

If all calculations are done correctly, you can avoid future mistakes and costs, while improving the appearance of the territory. The plan assumes the appearance of the site, the combination of various design elements, methods of insulation from neighbors, the organization of a drainage system, irrigation system, as well as reliable protection against noise and wind.

The main stages of creating a Landscape Architecture project:
• the client informs us about his ideas and ideas for the design and development of the yard area;
• we will be able to implement all your wishes regarding the improvement of the garden, we will present our own ideas for consideration, including design elements collected in our portfolio;
• we will prepare for you two sketches with a visualization of each of them, and you will choose the option that suits you.
• designers then create technical drawings and cost estimates, and then the project goes to the implementation stage.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our architects, artists, engineers, your site will turn into a picturesque and comfortable environment that fully corresponds to the landscape design, created taking into account all your wishes.

Landscape Architecture is a professional solution for your space that will improve the appearance of the area. Our specialists are professionals in their field with extensive experience in this field. They guarantee:
• individual approach to solving any problems;
• work with the most difficult areas;
• original and interesting solutions;
• attractive prices;
• high quality;
• interaction with the client at all stages of design;
• the ability to implement your ideas in the shortest possible time.

Why is it worth choosing our studio?
Landscape design project is a professional solution for your site that will enhance the appearance of your vegetable garden or garden. Our specialists are professionals in their field with extensive experience in this field. They guarantee:
• individual approach to solving any problems;
• work with the most difficult areas;
• original and interesting solutions;
• attractive prices;
• high quality;
• interaction with the client at all stages of design;

How to order a Landscape Architecture project?
Commissioning a landscape design is a great way to entrust your garden design work to professional specialists. Affordable prices, an extraordinary approach to solving difficulties and the ability to design a summer house, its development in various styles make our offer particularly attractive to everyone who wants to create an atmosphere of harmony, natural beauty and elegant style in the backyard.

If you need to develop a professional site landscape design project. Top quality 2D landscaping and 3D rendering for garden, yard, patio, park. If you want to beautifully and tastefully decorate your home area, take advantage of our offer.

We offer the following services.
• Landscape design and rendering.
• Creation of 3d models of hotels, restaurants, garden, yard, patio, terrace, swimming pool, parks.
• Design and rendering of external and internal elements.
• Landscape and architectural walk.
• Visualization of a three-dimensional floor plan.
• Development and drawing of a development plan
• Architectural and landscape-architectural designs.
• Project created with AutoCad, SketchUP and rendered with Lumion and Photoshop.

What we need to know:
• site plan / plan with dimensions
(if not planned, please send a sketch with measurements)
• pictures or photos of the place
• location on Google maps
• inspiring images
• a very simple initial sketch with design ideas (mark the main spaces, for example, where should be the pool, bar, gazebo, seats, paths ...)

We offer the highest quality services!

The cost of a landscape design largely depends on the size of the site, the complexity of the project itself, the wishes of the client and the urgency of the work. You can order from us the services of designing plots of any size, shape and terrain: we will make these unique features the advantages of your garden and arrange it according to your wishes and trends in modern design.

Moreover, the price depends on the quantity and quality of the located facilities, working time and various individual characteristics. If you want to know the final cost, write to us now!

You can order design projects by sending an application by e-mail. Affordable price of the service, originality of solutions and timely execution of the order will make cooperation with us profitable and pleasant.
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15% OFF • Architecture of the Garden and Courtyard Landscape

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