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Convert your Sketch into a Digital Vector

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Want a sketch to logo designed for your goals?

300 DPI Vector Art for Web and Print

We can turn your sketch into a vector logo!

Here you can realize the idea and use it in your projects. If you have a hand drawing, sketch or perhaps a logo, and would want a digital vector version of it for any purpose. We can turn a black and white sketch into a multicolor digital vector logo.

One of the most exciting things for us is the ability to transform your pencil sketches into colorful vector illustrations. It’s great to see your ideas translate into bold lines and vibrant colors.

As you know, vector illustrations are now very popular and are indispensable both in design and in web graphics. Professional designers can create such illustrations in a matter of hours.

What’s included?

You will get a professionally created Vector Image to use wherever you need it:
● High-quality tracing
● High-Quality JPEG and PNG
● PDF and EPS for print applications
● SVG format for web use
● Illustrator and Photoshop source files

We will make the job done efficiently, improved and with smooth lines, recreated by hand and not curve automatic conversion.

Email us with your project and let’s get started!

For more complex images, please contact us first to avoid cancellation. The price depends on the complexity of the image.
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23% OFF • Convert your Sketch into a Digital Vector

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