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Professional Infographic Design

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The creation of infographics is a service of providing information to users in an easy-to-understand form. For infographics, graphic elements are used - diagrams, images, graphs. This is the presentation of the complex in a simple form. In this form, you can provide anything - from technical data to medical. Extremely clear maps, flowcharts, diagrams.

The phenomenon of the popularity of this direction of visualization is quite understandable because according to statistics, a person remembers 80% of what he saw in a photo or picture. If we talk about the text, then no more than 20% catches in the head. The use of this technique of presenting information in social networks gives many times more coverage, especially if different shapes, images, details, colors are used in the creation.
There are other reasons for the popularity of infographics, namely:
• Effective memorization by the audience.
• Opportunity to talk simply about the complex.
• Practical value - people draw additional data.
• An impression of authority is created.
• Infographics are fun to look at.
• Easy distribution on social networks.

But even with all this, the appropriateness of the application is important. Most often, our services are used to create professional infographics.

We create projects for presentations, seminars, lessons, demonstrations of events in online publications, on posters/stands.

The main advantages of cooperation with us:
• We create a product that clearly explains "how everything works." It is easier for users to comprehend how and what happens inside a complex mechanism. And we know exactly how to submit any data interesting.
• Infographics developed by us can highlight the benefits of a particular product or service. Moreover, in such a situation, parallel submission of other information useful to the user is very appropriate. We use only reliable sources, which helps to reinforce the positive image of the company.
• We are able to tell about everything, including historical dates or the mechanism of operation of devices. High-quality illustration - and everything is extremely clear for everyone.
• With the help of infographics developed by us, it is possible to create an associative link between images and a brand. Seeing these images again, a person will remember the brand.
Working on such an information product is painstaking and requires utmost attention. We know exactly how to organize the work to get the best result for you.
With infographics created by our specialists, your project or report will be brighter, more colorful, and will become simple and understandable for listeners.

The price of such a service is influenced by many factors and, first of all, by the type of infographics – dynamic or static. And already the budget of dynamic creation depends on the duration and complexity of the project.

There are also other factors that affect the final cost:
• Urgency of implementation. To create really interesting and high-quality infographics, you need time to work through the data, search for interesting options for presenting it. That is, with an urgent order, you have to attract more specialists or additional time.
• The complexity of the project itself, the theme.
• Number of frames.
• Availability and quantity of interactive elements.
• Qualification of the team that will work on it. We only have experienced specialists who have already created many similar products and they work effectively for our customers.

Leave a request for the calculation of the cost of complex infographics for your company. It is desirable to provide as much information as possible, in which case the calculation will be as accurate as possible.

Our team consists of true professionals in their field, so you are guaranteed to get excellent results of cooperation. In the case of infographics, this is very important.

Write to us if you have any questions.
Please email us before ordering.
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28% OFF • Professional Infographic Design

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