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Contemporary dance classes and choreography

Contemporary dance is a spectacular and energetic dance style. It is a combination of various techniques to ensure the all-round development of the participant. An ideal choice for people who are starting. Dance adventure for advanced people who already have dance experience.

“Contemporary dance forms itself not on the basis of any one technique or aesthetic form, but on the basis of diversity. It seeks to cross the boundaries between the arts and repeatedly violates existing forms. Contemporary dance in this sense has an open structure that deliberately differs from the fixed, linear constructions of the classical and modern. " - Johannes Odenthal.

The dance is based on the idea of ballet, but devoid of rigid rules, paying more attention to the expression of the dancer’s emotions. The Modern Dance Technique classes cover the basics of modern dance and ballet style. This Contemporary dance technique is characterized primarily by body awareness, the flexibility of movements, tension, and relaxation of the body, control of breathing, development of vertical awareness and balance of the body, control of movement, as well as contact between dancers and improvisation.

Much of Contemporary dance is based on ballet technique but lacks rigid rules. So the plie technique (grand plié, pique, fouetté), which is a part of classical ballet, although it contains basic elements inside. The contemporary technique differs significantly from ballet. In modern dance, technique and techniques are less important than the dancer’s feelings and emotions. Contemporary dance is a mixture of many styles, from ballet, from which it is largely derived, to absolute improvisation. It can also include ballroom dancing, jazz, acrobatics, yoga, pilates, and many other dance disciplines. In contrast to the clarity of classical ballet, contemporary dance contains very different forms of movement and is a synthesis of various dance choreography. The dance often has an individual, dynamic effect. Purposeful observation and perception of one’s own breathing, weight, and energy flow make it easy and conscious to dance.

Contemporary dance is a canvas for creating dance art. Each movement uses body weight, gravity, breathing, and helps you become aware of your own body and accurately express emotion. Modern dance is based on theatricality, which is responsible for the correct motor skills of the body but deviates from rigid criteria and rules. Due to the great freedom of movement, this dance allows you to convey a great palette of emotions, which contributes to the satisfaction of the inner need for self-expression and also develops the creative abilities of the mind. This style of dance varies greatly depending on the time, place, and the person performing it, who determines a particular technique or aesthetic individually.

The development of modern dance flows rapidly. It undergoes constant changes, which are also conscious. Thus, in modern dance, different dance styles are often combined with each other. It is associated with social and political events and always reflects the values ​​and ideologies of a particular time and place. The boundaries between contemporary dance and other art forms are blurring. Contemporary dance, performance, a mixture of theater and music. In this regard, contemporary dance is always diverse and individual. For example, an approach might start with the body, with the music, and with an idea or concept. Improving physical performance is associated with aesthetic or philosophical patterns. However, the exact dance techniques, methods, and concepts always differ from dancer to dancer, from teacher to teacher, from choreographer to choreographer.

The dance style Contemporary is a performance wherein the outlines of dance and movements we find a plot and we get to know ourselves. At the heart of modern dance is an acquaintance with the world of emotions and their manifestation in the movements of the human body using various methods and techniques. This is perhaps the freest type of dance, there are no restrictions on body position. Here the dancer has unlimited freedom in creation, everything that is available to his physical body is used here. This applies both to the manner of movement and to the musical accompaniment. The aim of the dance is to create a short stage form.

The choreography of contemporary dance is difficult to reduce to technique or name. It is a living process that acquires different abilities from the body to the body and uses many movements. Using the body as a tool, brushing on canvas requires persistence, discipline, and a willingness to change. Movement is a change in space. Movement gives shape to this process. Modern dance training provides a solid technical foundation in connection with the desire to move and express yourself artistically through your own body.

If you feel a desire to give free rein to emotions, and the classical style is not enough for you, you just need modern dance lessons. This dance technique combines genres such as breakdance, hip hop, popping, jazz, disco, and classical dance. In addition to learning about the steps and shapes characteristic of these styles, the ability to communicate feelings and your unique personality is important. Studying contemporary dance will be both works on preparing interesting choreography and a journey into oneself to discover all the nooks and crannies of one’s soul. In every movement that has been worked, there are emotions that excite souls, so modern dance will appeal to people who love performance and have artistic impulses. With modern dance classes, you will express everything that is within you!

Dance schools offer interesting and professional lessons in Contemporary dance for beginners and kids under the guidance of qualified instructors who, in addition to their extensive knowledge, simply love dance and cannot imagine their life without it. In the lesson, you will learn the basic steps of standard styles and ballet, which is the foundation of all other techniques. Plus, you will learn about the concepts of jazz, funk, and hip-hop. The systems will be enriched with acrobatics. Each lesson in modern dance is preceded by a thorough warm-up of the muscles, and then we move on to the study of individual elements. Once you start practicing, the instructor will introduce you to the choreography, which will be refined in the following lessons. Studying contemporary dance in a dance studio is the best choice - see for yourself and make your dreams come true!

The Beginner’s Course is an introduction to contemporary dance for new dancers who would like to try it. At the dance school, you will learn the basics of modern dance and different dance techniques. You will learn about the strength, coordination, and anatomy of dance. Contemporary dance lessons for beginners offer exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness. The study of modern dance is available even for kids.

Class: Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance
Modern dance class for beginners. (No prior dance experience required)
The Basic Class is a great starting point for beginners and kids. This allows beginners to experience the true joy of dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.
Contemporary dance develops the muscle strength necessary for the all-round development of dance. Here everyone can develop skills, technique, coordination, and strength, deepening anatomical knowledge. The focus of the class is on grounding and expanding dance knowledge in a fun and relaxed way. A beginner class usually consists of short sequences and exercises to help students move across the floor, move weights, twist, jump, roll, and fall. First of all, you will learn movement awareness and overcome your physical barriers. During the session, the role of the center of gravity, breathing, and the relationship between movement, rhythm, and space are explored. You will gradually discover body awareness. You will learn how to tell beautiful stories, including using movement and improvisation.

Ease and pleasure in dancing, learning new movements. We are working on stretching, strengthening the body, and a beautiful figure. The lesson usually consists of exercises performed mainly in the center of the room, in various positions, including standing, sitting, and lying down. Choreography ends the lesson. Combining steps into longer spatial sequences, the complexity and dynamics of movement gradually increase. Exercises are freely chosen, so they are used to develop flexibility, smoothness of movement, continuity, and work with breathing. We are working to distinguish between dynamics, planes, and directions. In the classroom, you will encounter the problem of interaction with gravity, suspension of movement, that is, balancing between the state of balance and falling, and dynamics. Focus on movement caused by impulses from the middle and peripheral parts of the body and interacting with the floor, which is actually our enemy because no one likes to fall on it. Over time, you will learn to tame it and cooperate.

Benefits of participating in the basic course:

  • greater awareness of one’s own body

  • better coordination of movements

  • ability to use space

  • stimulating the imagination

  • improved blood circulation

  • burning fat

  • spinal sprain

  • endorphin release

Contemporary dance makes the whole body and mind work. He expresses emotions and thoughts. Classes are intended for everyone who wants to develop their physical abilities, stimulate the imagination, as well as for everyone who wants to get to know themselves better.

Class: Contemporary choreography
The modern dance class is open to beginners and people with dance experience.
Open to beginners and people with dance experience. The focus of the class is on combining basic modern and contemporary dance techniques to enable the student to move through space. The course begins with a sequence of floor exercises, progressing to vigorous, fluid exercises using basic coordination that includes weight and gravity work, balance and unbalance, reversal jumping, falling, and rolling. During the classes, techniques are worked out with falling movements and stops, movements caused by impulses from the middle and peripheral parts of the body, changing direction and dynamics, using gender and space, understanding a partner, combining elements of yoga, pilates, ballet, acrobatics and jumping. In contemporary dance classes, it turns out that our bodies can do more than we think. Along with increasing the efficiency of your body, coordination, smoothness, and softness of movement are also improved.

An important element of the classes is also the manifestation of the conscious artistic expression of dancers, taking into account their individual characteristics. The modern dance technique offers many opportunities for artistic expression and transmission of one’s inner emotions to the viewer, therefore it is most often chosen when creating theatrical performances.

What will these choreography classes give you?
Using a variety of techniques, you will strive to improve body motor skills and coordination, as well as consciously use: body energy, dynamics of movement, the center of gravity, and correct breathing. In addition to choreography, exercises for strengthening the body, coordination of movements, stretching and precision of movements continue.

Contemporary choreography is an activity that consists of several parts:

  • floor exercise

  • exercise in the middle of the room

  • spatial exercises

  • dance combinations

  • improvisation

  • stretching

Contemporary dance lessons are intended for everyone who wants to develop their physical capabilities, relax, as well as for everyone who wants to know themselves and feel the joy of natural movement.

Dance classes are open in every major city. You can join at any time.

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