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Black Friday is the Biggest Sale of the Year

Black Friday is the mega-expected event of the year in the world of shopping. Everyone who tries to buy wisely and maximize profit is waiting for Black Friday. This is the best opportunity to get the desired goods and services at the best price.

As for us, we have prepared the best discount offers for services! Prepare well in advance as the number of certificates for each promotion will decrease rapidly.

Black Friday ㅡ what is it, when does it start, and how long does it last

Black Friday is the mega sale of the year, the idea of which was born in Pennsylvania in 1975. Sellers have noticed that most Americans and Europeans are more willing to buy goods for Christmas, as gifts, and most actively do so after Thanksgiving. Shops, fighting for the buyer, began to offer more and more discounts. Since then, sales during this period have become a tradition that other countries have taken up.

In the last ten years, Black Friday has become a real holiday for shopaholics. After all, it is on this day that you can buy goods or services with a discount of up to 99%. So why not take advantage of this super offer?

The date of the global sale varies from year to year, but always takes place on a specific day - the last Friday of November. Stores themselves determine how long the sale will last. On average - from 1 day to a week. And for online stores, the biggest discounts are on Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday.

A crazy period - because everyone wants to have time to buy what they have in mind, many times cheaper. And therefore - whoever is first, he won, because the number of promotional goods and the timing of the grand sale are limited.

Absolutely everything offers discounts: shops, training centers, services, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, beauty salons, subscriptions. That is, at a special price on Black Friday you can buy anything. The most popular discounted services according to Price Bye are:
• Beauty and SPA - 24.3%;
• Health - 23.5%;
• Tourism - 22.6%;
• Entertainment - 12.2%;
• Food - 10.4%;
• Training - 7%.

Black Friday PriceBye continues to gain momentum, sales increase several times every year. This is not surprising, because only here you can buy exclusive services, coupons for restaurants and food delivery, education, recreation, and much more with discounts up to 99%.

It is very important not to miss the start of the sale while there is a wide range of offer options and free places. We recommend that you think in advance about which stores or sites you would like to visit first. In this regard, it is convenient to look for discounted offers in online stores and marketplaces. There are also large stores and retail chains.

Sale of goods and services in the USA and the World

Stores from all over the world participate in the sale race. Therefore, you can choose any goods to buy. In the United States, for example, more than 80 million people make purchases on this day.

For purchases abroad, you need to get a card from one of the international payment systems or use the services of intermediaries. The latter, by the way, make shopping very easy, as they often have access to closed sales or additional discounts in stores.

For purchases in the US, look at the Amazon or Walmart marketplaces. On Black Friday, discounts on goods here reach 80%. The site presents household goods, clothing, appliances, cosmetics, and much more, and discounts on Black Friday reach up to 90%.

In addition to Black Friday, there is a sale abroad called Cyber Monday. This means that if you did not manage to grab the goods at a bargain price on Friday, on Monday you can buy something at a still bargain price.

How not fall for the bait and get real discounts?

The holiday of shopaholics is often overshadowed by the dishonesty of sellers. After all, in pursuit of the best price, we often trust the price tags that promise the best discounts.
To avoid getting scammed with Black Friday discounts, use our checklist:
• Prepare ahead of time. Yes, discounts are knocking you down, and it seems like you can afford to buy the whole store. But do you really need this product? Therefore, make a list of things that you plan to buy in advance and “hunt” first of all for them. Try not to deviate from the plan, otherwise, you risk buying a pig in a poke, in a hurry without fully understanding the characteristics of the product.
• Trust but verify. Write down the price of the product 2 months before the "magic discounts" and compare it with the promotional price during the Black Friday period. Sellers often cheat and inflate the cost of goods before the sale, so that later they can make "staggering" discounts with minimal damage to themselves.
• Compare prices. Monitor the price of the desired products in different stores. The same model of phone or TV may come with a greater or lesser discount, and so you can buy the right thing at a better price.
• Do not sleep". We do not encourage you to queue up at the store in the evening, as is customary in the United States. But all the coolest products with the best discounts are usually sold first. Therefore, hurry up to stake out your “booty”.
• If you want to actively shop for clothes and shoes, then cheat. Go to the store a couple of days before the sale, select the models you need, try them on calmly and without a queue. It would be best to take a picture of the thing, its size, and the article. So on the day of Black Friday, you will definitely save yourself a couple of hours and avoid queues.
• Prefer to shop online - scroll through the entire catalog in advance, save the links of the things you need, and wait for the magic hour of discounts.

Share your life hacks on how cool and inexpensive it is to be stingy on Black Friday and, of course, the most successful, in your opinion, purchases!
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