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Brown French Manicure • Ideas • Trends and Combinations

Everyone knows that Hollywood actresses must change their image during the work process. So fashion connoisseurs created for them a unique version of manicure, which easily fits all styles of clothing. This is a miracle manicure called French. For several decades it has just been battling women’s hearts with its beauty and incredible design ideas. Let’s talk a little bit about the amazing brown french manicure.

Stylish design
Among connoisseurs of natural and natural images is popular to use the manicure classic style. White fingernail tips look great on all calm and gentle shades. One of them is beige color. Its versatility is that it perfectly combines with any female image and is able to give it elegance and accuracy. Also, fashionable and stylish look manicure if its main beige background is decorated with a brown shade. Use it to draw the tip of the nail. In some cases, the brown color serves as the basis, and the smile line of the master is decorated with gold or silver gloss.

Matte brown
In many color schemes, matte design enjoys a colossal honor. This design also harmonizes perfectly with the glossy brown color. Quite original and unusual look an extraordinary combination of gloss and matt coating in one manicure. For example, all the nail plates can be covered with a matte fixture. Gloss can decorate several strips on two toenails or the tips of all the nails. This design has an elegant and spectacular look. But with this manicure should withstand the right time to dry each applied coating.

Brown and white French
Almost all pastel shades of nail polish look perfect in combination with white. But the contrast of brown and deep white nail polish can work wonders. Their unsurpassed duo can decorate even the shortest nails. And most importantly, both colors are capable of reversing roles. Brown ornaments made in a brown shade look great on a white background.

French with ornaments.
To perform a restrained French manicure, drawings and a variety of ornaments are ideal. It can be lace or painted monograms. Basically, both designs are performed with a fine brush and acrylic paints. The most important thing in this work is the skill and imagination of the master of manicure. But for a simplified design, special stickers or stamping are often used. They already have the necessary ornament, which, with the help of manual dexterity, is transferred to the graceful nails. Incredibly beautiful patterns can make a manicure rich and exquisite in appearance. And this is exactly what many fashionistas want.

Short nails.
The brown shade of lacquer coating is able to decorate short nails. But the most interesting thing is that the French manicure in this color looks just delightful in this case. And it is not necessary to perform this design in the classic style. A slightly modified smile line (triangular, pointed, oval) can give short nails a romantic and attractive look. Decorate such manicure with pieces of foil, cobwebs, a drawing, rhinestones, and glitter.

Long nails are best suited for this work of art. It can even be a nascent version. On the grown length of the nail masters very often lay rhinestones, sequins, bubbles or foil.
For the original decor, it is possible to cover all of the above design elements with a decent layer of top. Thus, the manicure will take on the appearance of an aquarium. In this variant of decoration, the smile line can be made in an unusual form. For example, it can be created in the form of stains, drips and any other irregularities.

Floral motif.
Such a design is an integral part of many variations of the French manicure. But when performing it, it is worth paying attention to the careful drying of the French. Only then perform the painting of flowers, otherwise the result can disappoint the mistress of the manicure. The brown shade of the lacquer coating mainly acts as a tone for the drawing. The main background in many cases is chosen beige. Complement such a design is worth a silver or gold glitter. Black strokes also look original.

Lunar French.
For a change, masters offer to use the design in the form of a moonlight manicure. The process of decoration itself has no special difficulties and does not require much time. Nails are covered with the main background, and the moon is painted with some other shade. If the entire manicure is done in brown, then for a complete combination it is best to do the well in a milky, gold, white, beige or silver shade. For more original versions of the design of the moon manicure, masters use unusual shapes of wells (oblique or triangular). Decorate such a work of art with floral paintings, geometric ornaments or exquisite monograms.

Modern decor.
Thanks to modern decor options, real masterpieces are created. Now even a simple monochrome manicure can easily turn into a real painting. The brown shade has the ability to combine with almost all kinds of decorations that are available in today’s fashion. Swarovski crystals, shimmering rhinestones, sequins, kamifubuki, pearls, glitter, beads - all these design elements can be combined with the brown nail coating palette.
For a contrasting and stylish manicure, the brown shade is ideal. Most importantly, its versatility gives modern girls the opportunity to combine their manicure with any closet. This color carries the symbolism of reliability, stability and conservatism.

Brown manicure is a treasure trove of fashion ideas, trends and combinations.
Someone will say that the manicure of brown color is not interesting and boring. We assure you, you are deeply mistaken. Brown is a diverse palette of shades, ranging from a deep and rich dark chocolate color to a soft, pleasant coffee with milk. This color, in fact, is a true embodiment of nobility and peace. Therefore, the most austere fashionista will be able to pick up a brown tone for a fashionable manicure. Manicures in brown shades are relevant at any time of the year, but especially in autumn, when you want warmth and coziness.

Brown manicure: optimal solutions for short nails.
Modern fashion in nail design emphasizes naturalness, so short nails are in trend today. Brown manicure on short nails makes nail art very stylish and refined. For the manicure, every day the best option is a monochrome version in beige, cream, or vanilla tones, and the color of melted milk will emphasize the incomparable femininity.

Brown gel manicure on long nails.
Long nails with brown gel nail polish just "beg" to put something spectacular, shimmering on them. Rhinestones and stones can be used to perform intricate abstraction on one or two long nails. One or two shiny droplets in the corners of each nail will look delicate and enchanting. However you use rhinestones, the result will be superb.

Brown manicure: photo of the most beautiful monochrome options.
Among the various designs of brown manicures, you are sure to choose exactly the option that will suit the image you are creating.
This can be a simple monochrome version or complex design compositions. Among the variety of shades of brown nail polish, you are sure to find something that will highlight individuality and uniqueness, even with a monochrome design.

Brown manicure: matte variations.
The popularity of matte manicure is gaining momentum, and matte manicure in brown tones looks interesting and original. Matte texture and brown shades are as if created for each other. If you want to have a luxurious, expensive matte manicure, choose shades of bitter chocolate. But for a refined and sophisticated design, go for lighter shades of brown. Looks great matte brown manicure, complemented by gold decorations, for this you can use glossy polish, molding and scotch tape. Matte manicure looks great with glossy polish. Such a tandem gives a flight of your imagination, and as a result, you get a stunning manicure. The options can be different - from calm glossy lines on the matte surface to complex openwork drawings. Matte brown manicure, decorated with rhinestones or stones, will emphasize its sophistication and give your image a festive and a little charm.

Creative brown manicure ideas.
Stones or rhinestones scattered across the surface of all nails, like dewdrops, will create a sense of airiness and flight. Laying out intricate patterns on one nail, the decorations will hint at sophisticated luxury. Brown coating is not bad in harmony with intricate designs, patterns and prints. In this case, you will need stickers with the most complex images. This design option should be applied carefully, as complex drawings look rather heavy and not beautiful

Evening brown manicure with gold.
For a festive evening, use darker and richer shades of brown. A deep chocolate palette will do here.
Using a gradient transition from dark brown to lighter, pastel tones, you will get an original and spectacular nail design. And what about a holiday manicure without gold, rhinestones, stones, sequins and stickers? Brown coating is perfectly combined with gold elements. Such decoration will advantageously emphasize the rich look of the brown color itself and give the manicure a glamorous shine.

Manicure of brown shades with beige nail polish and drawings.
Do you want to get a delicate manicure in brown shades? Designers suggest using a light openwork pattern. And if you take advantage of different nail polish textures, the result will be unique and stunning. For example, a glossy pattern on a matte base will draw the attention of others, and by doing a soft matte pattern on a glossy finish, you can impress with velvety softness. Brown is one of the most "friendly" colors, that’s why in combination with other shades you can get an original manicure with different patterns. Openwork guipure, abstract compositions with monograms or floral motifs are mostly done in white or black. If the main coating is light, brown tones, the drawing is applied with black varnish, and on the basis of a dark brown shade, images in white are applied.

Modern manicure in brown tones.
Looks great brown manicure in a geometric design. Adding yellow, coral, pink, orange or even turquoise creates an original nail art. Brown is one of the natural colors. Because in the design are often used drawings of flowers and leaves, as well as prints imitating a scattering of coffee beans, snakeskin and leopard skin. Brown is also called the "tasty" color and any images will look acceptable on it.

Business manicure in brown.
The usual French or moon manicure can be supplemented with decor. By putting rhinestones on the contour of the French or separating the hole, the result is a simple classic nail design that will enliven the nails with attractive sparkle.

Light brown manicure: gentle nail art in the photo.
A wonderful way to decorate a light brown finish is to apply sequins. Chic will look at your light milk chocolate manicure with the addition of gold. White also harmonizes with brown shades. The main thing is to depict uncomplicated ornaments. The light brown design can be quite varied and quite enchanting.

Matte and glossy brown.
This option is a success in many colors, and the brown palette has not ignored this trend. The combination of the two coatings in one manicure looks very original. You can apply a matte top on your fingers and decorate it with glossy smile lines, and vice versa. Such a brown design looks very effective on both natural and natural nail plates. The main task of successfully performing this design is to dry each layer completely.

White and brown French.
Brown looks wonderful with any shade, but it is fully capable of revealing itself in a duet with white. In this case, the last-named shade is capable of acting as the main coating and trying on the function of complementing the main French or performing the role of drawing.

French with drawings: ideas, photos.
Original drawings are actively used as a supplement to the restrained French design. You can decorate your manicure with openwork lace and monograms, and apply the selected drawing with acrylic paints using a thin brush. And you can use the technique of stamping or ready-made stickers. The choice is up to you. And do not doubt, that such a highlight will only make your manicure more exquisite.

Brown French on short nail plates.
Owners of short nails can also opt for this design. Brown French works perfectly on this length and can offer not only a classic variation of design.
Try on your nails a circular, triangular or asymmetrical smile. Complete your manicure with foil, artwork, cobwebs, sequins or other similar designs, and your nails will play out in a whole new way.

Fan-french in brown shades.
Extended nails will be a chic canvas for such a work. The master puts feathers, beads, sequins, foil or rhinestones on the grown-up part of the nail plate. On top of such a decor is covered with a layer of gel-lacquer and a unique aquarium effect is created. The smile line in this version is not necessary to perform in the usual technique, it is relevant to create sweats, irregularities or stains.

Brown French with delicate floral motifs.
Brown French with a variety of floral motifs, you should give a little more time. First, you have to perform the French itself and allow it to dry completely. Then you can decorate all nails, or accent fingers with original floral patterns, using a darker shade of brown, white or black strokes, gold or silver glitter.

Lunar French in brown.
To diversify such an original idea, we propose to perform a lunar French on the nails. The design technique is similar to the classic version and will not cause you difficulties in the process. Cover your nail with one of your favorite shades, and leave the hole at the base of the nail unpainted. Decorate with decorations of your choice and voila - the moonlight design is ready. It is also very beautiful to perform this part of the nail plate in a different color. For example, on a chocolate nail - white, beige, milk or even gold moon. You can perform the well in an unusual way, making it triangular or oblique. Complemented by any decor, which we have already mentioned, and looks very elegant with unobtrusive drawings in the floral style, monograms and geometry.

Double brown French.
The originality of such an idea lies in the application of an additional smile line on the nail surface. The whole design process is no different from the standard version, just you add another touch. Such a gimmick looks wonderful, the French looks slightly unusual and fresh. The added smiley face goes perfectly with the shiny strips of the decor. A woman’s hand acquires a more feminine look, and the nail design looks complete.
The brown shade looks very original, stylish and contrasting at the same time. This palette is universal and acceptable in any image. Brown symbolizes stability, reliability and slightly emphasizes conservatism, which makes this French nail design even more original.

Brown manicure ideas.
The beauty industry offers girls a hundred interesting and original solutions for nail design. Manicure with brown polish has a non-boring execution. As an option, you can use an abstract direction or a floral plot.
Nail design as a whole defines the overall picture with detailed elements and decorations. Beautifully looks botanical motif located on two fingers, which as a whole forms the overall picture. Masters often use butterfly wings, placing the insect on the ring and index finger.
The monograms look stunning on a caramel or light brown background. The ornament can be openwork, in the form of a veil, a dot pattern made with paints or velvet sand is applied. The coffee and chocolate design are ideal for gold nail painting paste. The shiny material will fill the pattern with luxury and give the pattern a festive direction, with a touch of glamour.

The options described above are not the only ideas found in the nail industry. There are original designs using classic and modern techniques. There is a non-trivial displacement of patterns or decor on the edge of the plate, whether it is inlaid with stones or simple strokes and lines.
Pay attention to stylish nail design solutions. The presented variations are undoubtedly popular and are used in business, evening and everyday styles.

Manicure in the style of nude, always performed in light shades. Masters use caramel or latte color to design the nails.
The advantage of nail art in light caramel is that this manicure is performed by girls themselves at home, without any complex elements or patterns.
Nude will look better on short nails. Of course, there are no restrictions, use terracotta, brick, caramel varnish on any length of nails. For a variety of natural and fresh nail polishes, it is better to perform a floral pattern on the ring finger in a chocolate color scheme.

The modern french has no strict frames and formats. Of course, the classics are always done in white, but thanks to stylish solutions today are relevant diversified modifications of the classic French.
French manicure in brown tones looks perfect with a round smile line. The nail bed is modeled by latte, caramel or beige lacquer. French and smile line looks perfect in a dark color, in a contrasting combination, if you consider the design as a whole. You can try golden walnut or tobacco to color the free edge.

The matte manicure resembles a real bar of chocolate, a little bitter, as it is supposed to be a real sweet. The original interpretation of the moonlight design is in demand among women of all ages. This is due to the fact that the nails can be worn for a long time, until the top smile strongly grows back.
Lunar design or French is better to decorate rounded or square shapes. On them, the brown manicure looks very effective, especially when the top of the plate remains transparent. You can decorate the nail plate with stones of different sizes. Lovers of delicate and romantic patterns will ideally suit a monogram or an openwork ornament of dots.

Brown Ombre.
Masters do not cease to amaze with their interesting and original ideas of nail design. Those who say that ombré looks ugly in brown tones should look at the coffee manicure with the transition to a lighter scale.
You can use a gradient and perform the technique with the reverse effect.
The light shade is located at the top of the plate, and the tips are performed dark brown. It is possible to make a similar transition as a decoration, using a velvet powder in the form of a small line in the middle.

Cat’s eye.
At the peak of popularity is a technique called cat’s eye. Whoever has ever seen a quartz stone, will never forget the eye-catching iridescence of the finest line in the middle. Nail ethicists, inspired by the unusual mineral, decided to recreate and transfer the overflow to the nails.
Since the stone can be dark or light and comes in different colors of the rainbow, the masters decided to combine several tones and perform a manicure in chocolate-gold with the addition of cinnamon and terracotta. A stretch of color is done in the middle of the nail, but experts use different modifications and modify the position of the line.

A manicure with a coffee-colored molding effect is achieved with lacquers, paints and foil. In fact, the design is quite complicated, as it requires a certain amount of preparation. The technique is quite popular, so the casting uses a variety of designs, which are then decorated with metalized foil.
The effect is stunning, with a textured pattern reminiscent of 3D volumetric graphics, and the use of different patterns. The color spectrum is unlimited. Most often, specialists use a dark background, and drawings are made in gold.

Gold cubes are great under any nail polish, but they look much more spectacular on a brown background. The coffee manicure on the photo is presented with the use of shiny materials, sequins and glitter. Decorative material looks great with an interesting design on beige polish, placed in a chaotic order. Also on the gradient with the use of nude shades and as an accent option, decorating one nail.

Broken Glass.
The broken glass technique works wonderfully with the chocolate palette as well as on caramel and nude nails.
The holographic film is laid out in the form of a triangle with black or white faceting, outlining to enhance the effect.
There are thousands of variations with the broken glass technique, where the background color and the material that serves as decoration are modified to the taste of the master.
For a change, the shattered glass technique is used to decorate several fingers, and a nude color is taken as the background. It is acceptable to paint the nail in brown and use a slice of gold foil.

Velvet sand is considered a versatile material, as it is used for painting or full coverage of the plate. The royal screed on the ring finger looks amazing in dark, rich colors. Reddish-brown nail polish as a background with a deep, rich warm pigment will work perfectly.
Sand simulates monograms, openwork patterns, voluminous roses or use to draw a sweater pattern. Velvet material can contain warm shades of caramel, glaze, and latte.

Every girl knows how to apply glitter, even if she does not follow the trends in nail fashion. The fine-grained material is used as an accent, you can paint it completely the plate or only the top part, performing a small stretch to the end of the nail.
With the help of sequins make a gradient with polishes, gel polymers and even acrylics. The design looks very stylish, gentle and discreet. Glitter is especially relevant when drawing in a geometric style when performing clear lines that intersect with each other.

A chocolate manicure with rhinestones looks very elegant and simply delightful! In order to make the design not too sweet, I put stones only on a few nails. Finger inlay looks amazing in all shades of beautiful brown color, regardless of what pigment is present in the nail polish.
The design with the use of velvet sand and Swarovski crystals looks original. The combined technique to decorate the nails with a different material is used by all masters, the pattern and direction are almost always chosen by the client.

Hand painting.
Only a few masters can boast the skill of hand-painting. With a drawing, any manicure is beautiful, no matter what is depicted on the fingers. A stylish solution is a decoration with coffee beans, a bar of chocolate or a mug of coffee, a latte.
In black the use of brown depicts monograms, lace, and veil. On the plate is modeled plot with intricate ornaments and intricate patterns in different colors. Hand painting, made by a skilled master, is always striking, as the contours and lines are smoothly combined into a single picture.

Manicure in brown tones: a combination of colors.
First of all, brown gel polish can be combined with all basic shades: black, white, gray and beige. Also on the basis of brown, you can create a design in nude style, combining different shades from the pastel color palette. For French, you can use the design brown with beige gel polish, and for everyday manicures is better to take a light shade as the basis. The bright color combinations can be distinguished from summer yellow-brown manicures and manicures brown with pink.

Stylish design.
The use of manicure in the classic style is popular among connoisseurs of natural and natural images. And what, if not a French manicure, will suit this option? The white tips of the nails look great on all the calm and gentle shades. One of them is the color beige. Its versatility lies in the fact that it goes well with any feminine bow and at the same time is able to give an image of elegance and neatness.
Fashionably and stylishly look manicure if its main beige background is decorated with a brown shade. Use it to draw the tip of the nail. In some cases, the brown color acts as a base, and the smile line is decorated by the master with gold or silver glitter.

Fan French manicure.
Long nails are best suited for this work of art. It can even be extended versions. On the grown length of the nail, masters very often lay rhinestones, sequins, bullion or foil. For an original decor, all of the above design elements can be covered with a decent layer of top. Thus, the manicure will acquire the appearance of an aquarium.
In such a variant of decoration, the smile line can be made in an unusual shape. For example, it can be created in the form of stains, divots and any other irregularities.

Floral motif.
This design is an integral part of many French manicure options. But when performing it, it is worth paying attention to the careful drying of the French manicure itself. Only after that do the floral painting, otherwise, the result can disappoint the mistress of the manicure.
The brown shade of the lacquer coating mainly acts as a tone for the drawing. As the main background, in many cases, beige is chosen. Complement this design with silver or gold sequins. Black strokes also look original.

Lunar French manicure.
For a change, masters suggest using a design in the form of a moon manicure. The process of decoration itself has no special difficulties and does not require much time. Nails are covered with the main background, and the moon is painted with some other shade. If the entire manicure is done in brown, then for a complete combination it is better to do the moon hole in milk, gold, white, beige or silver colors.
For more original versions of the design of the moon manicure, masters use holes of unusual shapes (oblique or triangular). You can decorate such a work of art with floral painting, geometric ornaments or exquisite monograms.

A French manicure can be as classic as it gets, but a classic manicure doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are many ways to redesign your classic French manicure while keeping it current with white tips. However, if you’re looking for something more fun and playful, you can go further and play with colors and try rainbow tips, and glittery ombre designs, because the options are endless!
Plus, you don’t have to rush to the salon to get the perfect manicure because you can achieve it with two shades of nail paint and a steady hand! They can be done from home!
The French manicure is pretty chic and can be done with a flesh-colored base with white tips, or you can use a base with a pink or beige shade with pure white tips. All that and you’ll have a stunning manicure for all occasions. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also easy to make.
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