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20 Ideas to Build Discounts in Clothing Stores

In this article, you will find out 21 options for discounts and promotions that you can apply in your store. They work perfectly, the main thing is the desire to apply and implement correctly.

It is clear that you will not apply all ideas at the same time or at once. Start with the easy ones, move on to the more advanced ones.
Even if you do one version a month, then in the coming year you will have something to do and surprise your customers!

1. Discount for the event

This discount is usually applied during a holiday or important event. Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Store Opening, etc.

2. Downward discounts

Typically used in conjunction with a time limit. On the first day (period), the maximum discount and reduced every day. For example, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% on the last day of the promotion. In the first days of registration, the price is always lower.

3. Discount by duration

Such a discount is established for a certain period, for example, 10 days. Or Until December 31st ... The time limit is an incentive to make a purchase faster. People understand that after a certain time, after the expiration of the term, it will be more expensive and the preferential conditions will end.

4. One day discount

This discount is also limited in time. The discount, which is valid for one day, perfectly “stimulates” sales.

5. For one item

Such a discount is valid strictly for a separate (specific) product. For example, only for dresses. Or only for black jeans ... It is also fashionable to combine this type of discount with discounts with a limited validity period or a limited quantity of goods. And also to do the "product of the week" promotion.

6. For reaching the purchase amount

To get a discount, you offer to buy something else so that the purchase amount is XXX. Or you give a discount on the amount of XXX. In this case, you can combine a discount for 2 items in a sales receipt.

7. Cumulative discount

I think the meaning is clear. All purchases of one client are summed up and the more purchases a person makes during the period, the more discount he receives. You set the scale of the purchase amount at which the next, increased discount is granted.

8. Discount on the first purchase

The point is that a person needs to be given a strong incentive to make a decision to buy from you right now. And offering a discount on your first purchase is a good reason. To convey information, you can use the best price offer.

9. Discount by payment method

For example, when paying by card, the discount is higher than for cash payment or vice versa. It has been noticed that people who pay with a credit card spend more money than when they pay with cash. And this is a reason to make a discount when paying with a card in order to increase the amount of the check.

10. Discount when pre-ordering online

When you pre-order from the site or in a social network group of your store, an additional (special) discount may apply. In this case, payment can be both at the checkout of the store, and online.

11. Discount for a like!

A clothing store with a "5% per like" sticker attached to its entrance will make significantly more sales than previous periods without a discount. The idea is this - you need to go to the Facebook group of this store, click "like" and you will be given a discount.

12. Discount for a public participant

Another option is using the Internet. If you have a group or a public page on social networks, then you can use a one-time discount as an additional incentive to join the group. Just clearly and clearly indicate on the description or in the description.

13. Discount by category of buyers

The idea is that you define target groups and give them special discounts. For example, "for students", "for retirees", "for accountants", "for the best clients" ...

14. Discount for recommendation

When a buyer recommends to his friends and brings new customers, he gets a discount that he can use for his purchases.

15. Discount from a friend

It looks like a discount on the first purchase or discount for recommendation, but I want to highlight it separately. The idea is that your customer can just talk about your store, or they can recommend a profit to their friends. That is, a new customer who came on the recommendation of a friend receives the benefit in the form of a discount from the friend.

16. Discount "on request"

When buying clothes, people often ask sellers for a discount. Prepare in advance a small discount that can be given in such a situation, but subject to the purchase right now. So that there was an incentive not to think or look elsewhere, but to buy here and now.

17. Folded discount

You make two discounts at once when you buy two things (or more). The first thing - with less profit, the second - with more. It can be used both with one product and with a variety of products. For example, "buy a dress for ... with a 10% discount and get -30% for a scarf", "Buy boots with a 15% discount, get -40% for shoes."

18. Discount on additional items

The customer buys at a regular price and you offer additional products, accessories, more products, related products at a discount. Just when buying a camera, I was offered a bag with a 10% discount.

What types of discounts do you use in your store?

Surely you also have something interesting in stock.

Successful sales.
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